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Signs of a Dying Boiler

Boilers are not very good at hiding their age. They may try to pass for younger, they may spend the money for new hardware here and there to make them look younger, they may even date a younger boiler to feel that pizzazz they once did in their youth, but we all know hen we see that boiler, that it's old.

Main sign: corrosion.

Look for signs of water damage, heavily corroded iron piping and hardware around the boiler, unhealthy looking electrical, and leaks around the jacket.

Corrdoded copper piping going throughout your home is one thing; that can be patched.

But once the boiler unit itself shows sever signs of leakage & long term corrosion, it's time to start thinking about replacement.

Check out Crown Boilers for your replacement. And call Cordts Plumbing. We're the boiler specialists.

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