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Cordts Plumbing & Heating has four generations of knowledge behind them, and we've just about seen it all. When it comes to plumbing, we've got you covered.

Free Estimates and we walk you through any issue with clarity and experience. If your job is extensive, we will present you with options, from most cost effective, to gold standard. 

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Full Home Water Filtration



As if North Jersey's infrastructure couldn't get any worse, 130 towns in Bergen and Passaic counties are now tested positive for the cancer causing metal called Hexavalent Chromium

The deadly chemical that was made famous by the movie "Erin Brockovich", and caused life threatening illness to hundreds of people in California, has been tested positive in 130 local cities in North Jersey.

This is not clickbait.

When it comes to water quality nationwide, urban and suburban areas do not supply chemically clean water. There are dangerous chemicals flowing through our infrastructure through decades of industry, and winding up in us. We ingest noxious chemicals, by drinking and cooking with tap water, and we inhale it when we shower and create steam.

Everyone needs a thorough & reliable home filtration system. 

Featuring Water Tech's "Reionator System", Cordts Plumbing installs and services most home brand filtration systems.

North Jersey is notorious for calcified water, which eventually destroys most of your plumbing lines and fixtures. The Reionator softens and balances water without the slippery feeling of other softening systems.

Why these guys and not others?

Hard water binds itself to safety switches, air reliefs, and every gasket and valve stem throughout your home, and it shortens the life on expensive plumbing utilities immensely. Setting money aside, excessive calcium and cause health problems as well. Water Tech is currently providing leading equipment in home filtration, without salting your water, leaving you with that slimy feeling of most softeners.


"Safe Plumbing Now, Ask Us How"

We get dozens of emergency calls, where damage from plumbing is extensive, yet could have been prevented.

Flooded basements, saturated cielings and walls,

A broken supply line can flood a basement in minutes.


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Hydronic and Steam Boilers

Your heating system needs regular service to work properly and keep a long life. Replacing a boiler is a big job, but regular maintenance can put that expense off for a good long while.

When your ready for a full replacement, Cordts Plumbing features Crown Boilers; Built to last and run with ease.

Cordts knows heating systems, and when you live in the northeast, you need a boiler professional. We diagnose, repair, service and install. 

We strive for quick and efficient service, because nothing is worse than freezing in your own living room mid-nor'easter

When your boiler konks out, call us first.


Fireplace Conversion

Gas fireplaces run cleaner and more efficiently, and what better way to relax in your home with a cozy fire on demand.

Conversion can be quick and your fireplace look can be customized and unpgraded without extensive work.

Call us today to schedule an estimate and upgrade your a room with a beautiful and simple fireplace


Financing Made Simple


Have a big project planned but can't afford it all at once?

Finance with Cordts Plumbing!

Boilers, Water Heaters, Renovations, Water Filtration...

You can do any home project RIGHT NOW, and not be put out with a large bill up front. Call us for more information