Drain Maintenance Kit

Drain Maintenance Kit


Preventative care for sink and shower drains

  • Instructions for Use

    Instructional Video

    You will need

    1. a small bucket or deep pan
    2. paper towels


    1. Clear out under sink
    2. place pan under drain trap
    3. in the back of the drain, loosen to pop-up locknut; remove drain pop-up
    4. tighten pop-up stem back into drain without the pop-up connected
    5. run hand snake through drain as far as it can go
    6. pull out and discard any large debris
    7. reassemble pop-up and run warm water
    8. pour drain cleaning solution into drain and let sit for 15 minutes
    9. run water through drain for 90 seconds and repeat as needed

    Repeat process every 60 days to prevent major clogs and backups