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Handmade replicas crafted from military equipment.

One of our customer, Robert G, Is a long time patron. He's 95, and WW2 and Korean War Vet. He's proud of his service and it shows throughout his home. Among the military items that decorate his den and living room, Bob has made dozens of beautiful cannons out of old plane and ship propellers in his machine shop in his basement. It was a pleasure working for him.

Bathroom vanity

Installation of a bathroom Vanity with Brizo widespread faucet

Shower Pan

New video! Follow the link to watch the installation

Quick Connects and Shark Bites

Ok, I get it. Shark Bites are quick, easy, no soldering required, and initially, they hold good and you can go about your business. Alot of DIYers use them because they're so easy. However.... NEVER close these fittings behind a wall, or think that they are a permanent fix. If you have to use them, get a plumber in their to eventually fix the pipe permanently

Natural Gas Generator

Gas generators are becoming very popular, they're reliable because you don't have to gas them up, they're ready to go, and once you lose power, they kick right on Gas line for Koehler Generator,  Teaneck NJ

Steam boiler replacement

Existing boiler split from low water. The burner would heat an empty block, and finally it gave way to a split in the cast. New installation of a Crown Steam, 106k BTU's

Steam Boiler

While many people think steam heat is outdated, it's actually an excellent source of heat; it gets hot quick and holds heat for longer. But it runs dirty, and you have to service it yearly to maintain good operations. 1.) Drain your low water cutoff and drop your water level by a couple inches and refill (once a month) 2.) 2 weeks I to your heating season, have Cordts Plumbing perform a full flush on your system 3.) Make sure your radiator bleeders are bleeding properly. If there are radiators that don't get that hot any more, it may be time to replace them

DIY Media and Video

Keeping up with the online business format is important to us. That's why we're revamping our site with new content and material. Check out our media section, with tips, tricks and DIY material

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